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Frontview is an independent media Outlet based in Tokyo, Japan. Focusing on electronic publishing,  and video production and distribution.  Mostly concentrating on promoting important political, social or cultural interests that are ignored by the mainstream media, (Dinosaur Media).

Interested in joining the Web and Youtube community? We focus on Video creation, lime lighting important articles or even reBlogging them.  To submit a story or article, or request a reblogged version of it, feel free to contact us.


Bio/ History

Frontview Web presence was formed and started by Trevor Kuva, originally from Vancouver, Canada. Owned and Operated a full Audio/Video store in Downtown Vancouver, in Gastown for several years.  His career basically started with a background education from Langara College, progressing to Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Then opening up an A/V storefront, concentrating on Sales of Front Projectors. Basically anything from high-end home theatres, to corporate boardrooms. Considered a Videophile in the industry, a digital projection specialist. Having intimate knowledge on Video Editing, to just about everything associated with video.

Basically everyone remixes information they have learned from society, and formulates their own opinions. Taking the approach of re-blogging or V-blogging, is an honest definition or an upfront stance, against the ‘Main Stream Media’. The hoarding of knowledge or idea that are kept away from the average person only contributes to problems in modern day society. Personal development is rewarded when one’s interest is pursued and achieved. A sense of accomplishment is all a human being needs in order to feel like they contributed to the world!



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